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          Hongchang Electronic Co. Ltd is located in Changge city of Xuchang, the ancient capital of "the three kingdoms". Changge is also the hometown of Getian, one of the living sides of mankind's ancestors. Having Jingguang Railway, Jingzhu Highway and the national route 107 got across, and just 30 kilometers away Zhengzhou International Airport, the company is extremely convenient in transportation.

          Hongchang is a specialized company manufacturing semi-conduct refrigeration components, the technique power of the company is strong, and its quality control is perfect. The company adopts domestic and foreign advanced production craft and technology, and products performance is stable, as well as the varieties and specifications of products are complete. The manufacturing process is strictly followed by ISO9001 and ISO14000, and all the products meet the requirement of SGS. It was at the very beginning of its establishment that the company developed the idea “Self-improvement, honest behaviors” and created outstanding enterprise culture by sophisticated quality connotation and good service image. It persists taking the market as guidance, strives for survival by quality and pursues development by innovation. Taking the win-win and reciprocal benefit as the principle, the company sincerely provides the long-term stable necessary service for the general customer and wins the complete machine user consistent praise.

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